Why politics on Vande Mataram?

Vande Mataram which was the best slogan during the independence struggle of India. These were the golden words which united all religions in India to fight against the British govt even the British got so frustrated with this words they use to punish people to use these words as they thought it united the people of India. But after Independence we are fighting on the issue do we want to sing or not what a shame and the worst thing is politicians are trying to make a issue out of it. Shame on BJP who never did anything for nation building now talks of nationalism and want to sing Vande Mataram on Sep 7th or else you are anti national. We live in a free country and no one should be forced to do anything if someone does not want to sing is BJP and Shiv Sena beat him and force him to sing. I really do not understand why such a fuss we all Indians still feel united when these song is played and we still have the passion for mother India irrespective of any religion. I have so many muslim friends in school and college who use to feel proud to sing this song. In my view the politicians should leave these issues and should not disrupt the parliament as we the citizens of India are united and we will reamin united if these selfish politicians do not interfer in our life. I agree with Arjun Singh that he made a suggestion to all schools and colleges to sing this song on 7th of Sep but if this is a issue with anyone they are not forced to sing. That is a very sensible thing to say so I do not know why BJP and Shive Sena making such a fuss I think because they do not have any issues to pull the Govt apart they are making mountain of moles. We love our country and are proud of her rich heritage Vande Mataram.


2 Responses to “Why politics on Vande Mataram?”

  1. Vishnu Says:

    Vande Mataram, the song of our freedom struggle is struggling to retain its existence. Extremists like Syed Imam Bukhari are out to label it anti-Islamic. It is astonishing and deplorable to see how our national song, commanding the highest honour, renders itself to the polarised views of different political parties and communities.

    Vande Mataram, our national song authored by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, does not allude to any religious sentiments. The song held sway during the freedom movement and was the motivating fulcrum around which the selfless citizens and leaders fought against the British. It inspired millions and brought under its spell nationalist leaders to sacrifice their lives and work for the liberation of India.

    Then why our politicians are taking national song as an ego? If our political leaders have scant regard to the prized possessions and symbols of India, let its citizenry not remain blindfolded by religious dogmas. It is high time; all communities realise and rise in unison to sing honour and respect to the motherland. Will this remain a pipedream?

    If you like to read more about this controversial topic, I have to suggest a very good article written by Veeresha B.M.

  2. silkboard Says:

    As Vishnu says, the problem is putting a non-secular label on the song. What would Mr Bukhari have lost if he had instead announced something like this:

    Vande Mataram may have some un-islamic history. But I encourage muslims to see it as national symbol and nothing else. And with that viewpoint, we (muslims) will make an exception and join in singing the song on Sep 7.

    Saying this would have made him a hero of secular Indians. But instead, he chose a narrower stance, and provided fodder to the likes of BJP.

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