Mandal II what is your view?
The cabinet has passed the OBC quota bill which will give 27% reservation in all educational institutions barring some special ones run by the central Govt. But this has not gone well with the upper caste students who are already struggling because of the quota given to SC/ST students. I personally do not agree with the Govt. view as I think education should be kept away from religion sex caste and creed. If the Govt thinks just becuase someone is from backward cast should be allowed to study medical engg or any other specail courses it is wrong.My view is that the Govt. should give privledge to students who are not economically not sound irrespective of religion sex caste and creed. The Govt should not help them in lowering the standard of the exams for their entry rather they should help these students by giving scholarship or free tution fees and many other ways. Let all students get to a school or college because of their merrit not because they belong to some religion or caste. There is a famous saying if you give peanuts you will get monkeys same rule apply if we lower the standard of exams for the bacward caste than tomorrow you will see Doctors searching for the brain in our knees. We say we are fast growing developing country but still have castism and the worst thing is the Govt creates this by giving special privledge to certain caste. What is your say on this bill?


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