Bihar’s street fight in Delhi’s Parliament

Today was the black day in India’s parliament’s history, it all started when a Janta Dal (united) MP brought up the point that the central Govt was interfering in Bihar and was trying to save some relative of lalu yadav. He aleged that the rape case of seven ladies shown in the media were the acts of previous RJD govt and its leaders. This did not go well and the RJD MPs started to shout and trying to make their point that it was nothing to do with them rather Nitish Govt was responsible for this shameless act. The JD(u) MP Prabhunath Singh even directly took Lalu’s name and used foul language in return lalu also was very angry and abused the Prabhunath Singh. The speaker tried his best to stop this mess but unfortunately all his pleas fell to deaf ears and thus he had to adjourn the house. But as soon as the speaker left the house RJD MP Sadhu Yadav and Prabhunath caught each others collar and Sadhu yadav was about to punch Prabhunath but by than some other MPs came in between and tried to stop this mess. It took atleast 15 minutes to stop this fighting.

But can anyone tell me what happened to the real issue of those seven ladies who were raped, did anyone even bother to give justice to these poor ladies. It is really a shame to say that we have voted these MPs who make laws for us and they themselves break and do not bother to follow. My request to all the voters of Bihar please cast your vote to the right leader irrespective of any party. It was really a blot on the parliament’s history and we should all be ashamed as we had elected these leaders to represent us. What is your view on this street fight in Parliament?


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