Our Solar System will have Eight planets instead of Nine


It will be soon taught to students in schools and colleges that our Solar System has eight planets instead of Nine. Leading astronomers has approved new guidelines under which Pluto will be no longer be considered a planet. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was always unders discussion whether it should have been a planet due to the size and the orbit on which it rotates. The new rule under which any object can be considered to be planet is “a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.”

Pluto is disqualified because its oblong orbit overlaps with Neptune and thus it will be called or classed as dwarf planets or minor planets. So now our students will be taught that our Solar System has eight planets and not Nine and more. What difference will it make for you, what is your view?


19 Responses to “Our Solar System will have Eight planets instead of Nine”

  1. rikan Says:

    I think it would be hard for students and workers that already know these stuff. They would be confused.

  2. heather Says:

    Pluto has always been a planet so it seems stupid to now say that it isnt.Everyone will get confused.

  3. Jaelan Says:

    Pluto should be a planet. If its on pictures and in our text books it shoild be considered a planet. If you knew it wasnt a planet why did you put it in there? Its a simple question. Do you mean to tell me if their is a test and it asks how many planets are their. I put nine. Does that mean it is wrong. Email me and give me more info because Pluto is a planet their is much proof.

  4. Jaelan Says:

    If you agree with my reply on top of this comment type 45Plutoisaplanet

  5. Annela Says:

    i am confused.com

  6. Annela Says:


  7. aj Says:

    I think it would not be helpful to say to children that pluto is not a planet anymore.and children who know that there are nine planets in our solar system will get confused.

  8. momo Says:

    i think it is fine. i bet when found pluto, people said,”everyone knows there are 8 planets. How can you say there is nine planets now?” i think it is fine delcaring pluto not a planet. it just takes time to get used to the idea

  9. tabby Says:

    this is so stupid your just going to make it hardder becausewe all study nine plants

  10. Sprutika Says:

    I think it’s ok that pluto is not a planet because now people dont have to work as hard to memorize and stuff, but I also think that it shouldnt completly go away I think the first 8 planets should be considered our main planet and we should have the rest of them as “sub – planets” which the two new planets we’ve found should be included Dont you?

  11. Jaesa Says:

    I think its gonna mess up the whole acronym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But these guys do have a point… i guess

  12. sammy Says:

    hay peeps what is the color of jupiter

  13. aldrin Says:

    i think pluto is still one of the planet ni the universe
    do you mean if we have an exam
    and the question is, how many planet in the universe and my answer is 9, so i am wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Chris Says:

    Have you all gone crazy? Let me lay this out for you. First, they thought it was a planet a first. Then they declared it not a planet because it was too small. They didn’t know it at first. So that should sum it up for all you people who aren’t smart.

  15. Chris Says:

    Oh, and Jaesa, it wont mess up the acronym here is a new one. My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos. See no problem.

  16. Ella-nicole Says:

    I think we should do all we can to still make their still make their be 9 planets left in the Solar System!
    please make their be 9 and evan find a 10th one

  17. Myriah Says:

    i think that it is a god thing but then a bad because pluto is still goin to be nine planes to k-throught some other grades but i like even number instead of odd so that is y i think it is good

  18. ogz Says:

    cool. it’s now easier to memorize :p

  19. andry Says:

    Pb3yQG comment5 ,

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