BJP leave we Indians to sing Vande Mataram, why Politics?


BJP please find out some real issue for elcetion in UP and I really do not know how they cannot find any issues against Mulayam’s misrule. It is really shame that our most favourite song Vande Matarm has been draged into politics. If you ask any student in school or college would feel proud to sing Vande Mataram but you politician make us think about the religious aspect from the song. I as a student and till now feel really proud to sing this song and will sing for ever but I would not like anyone to force me to sing. I was born in a free country and have got freedom of speech I should have the rights to say or sing what I like. So I do not know why the politicians are forcing this issue and where does it say if I do not sing Vande Mataram I am a antinational. Infact I would consider most of the politicians of today anti national as they sing our national song but do not follow a single word from the song.

I would like to ask Mr Rajnath Singh as where does it say just becuase you do not sing Vande mataram you cannot live in this country. Our India is always known for her tolerence to religion and we the citizens of India feel proud for this unity in diversity. Please do not drag this issue for political benefits and concentrate on real issue like basic needs for the people of UP and especially the detiorating law and order in the state. The people of UP need development, employment, basic utilites and better law and order in the state. BJP if they really think about the people of UP please make this as your poll issue and make sure you fulfill your poll promises you would win the election and we would respect you as a great party and the real party for the people of UP and India. Please leave us to descide what we want to do and do not try to devide us in the name of nationalism. Vande Mataram


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