Dessert in Floods and CM not to be seen


The nature God has not been kind on India as most of the states had to suffer from floods. The worst thing is the desert state of rajasthan is on floods and neither the CM nor any local adminstration. the poor people of the desert district of rajasthan who have not seen so much rain or water for four generation did not know how to react. Most of them even do not know to swim with the floods affecting most of the areas has left them homeless and without food and basci needs. The official figures the death toll to be atleast 130 but the reality is much more. The people of rajasthan are desperately in need of help but they aren’t getting any they are looking for their favourite princess and honourable CM for help but she is not to be seen nor her adminstration has done anything. The MET department had not even bothered to give a flood warning to the people of Rajasthan. may I tell our honourable CM the people who loved you so much and who voted you to power if need be can remove you from the post. Please do something for these affected people they are really in need of your help. My request to all the readers of this site do your best for the affected people of Rajasthan.


One Response to “Dessert in Floods and CM not to be seen”


    should have more pictures on floods of gujarat and rajasthan

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