Will Fernandes join Mulayam or start his party SP?

https://i1.wp.com/www.dailytimes.com.pk/images/2003/10/10/10_10_2003_George-Fernandes.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.newkerala.net/april/images/nitish-kumar-1.jpg

The ever growing conflict between current Bihar chief minister Nitish kumar and George Fernandes has taken a new low after Fernandes said to the reporter that he did not care if BJP sharad Yadav or Nitish Kumar did not like him joining Mulayam. He said that BJP would definitely not like the idea of him being close to Mulayam but He said that he does not care aabout anyone or any party and would stand by Mulayam who stood by him during Tehlka controversy. He said they have stood by each other for fourty years and they are true socialists. He even did not deny that he might join SJP he even said that he might relaunch is Samata Party. He clearly was not happy of the fact that the man who he brought into politics and after three year of real fight to defeat Lalu Nitish has forgotten him and has helped Sharad Yadav to win the party president post. He is really annoyed of him being sidelined and now wants to prove a point. He even did not bother to leave the conveyer post of NDA. But will his departure make any difference to JD (U) or BJP. Is he a spent force?


Sexiest Asian Woman – Priyanka Chopra..Do you agree?


Priyanka Chopra has been voted as the Sexiest Asian Woman recently by a survey done in the UK. She already has sizzled Indian audiences world over with her drop dead looks and sultry personality. Do our readers agree with her Queen status amongst bollywood lovers or do you think there are other serious contenders to the crown?? Pop in your replies and lets have a serious competition!

Is Lalu the New face of Indian Politics?


Lalu Yaday the former CM of BIhar and the present railway minsister of India is again in the media for something we are not very familiar. This time he is praised by many of his critics and been hailed by most intellectuals for his profit oriented plans for Indian railways. The Railways which was undergoing severe loss in 2001 has now been changed to a profit making organisation this is been studied closely by many institutions like IIM and universities across the World. Even the Harvard University is plannins a seminar in Delhi to hear Lalu’s view on management and economy.

the most surprising thing is Lalu who is well known in India for his scams and corruption has really managed to stop most of the corruptions in Railways and have made it transparent and people can see the difference. His famous line is if we do not milk a cow she will be sick. Same logic he has used to indian railways and it has proved to be a successful theory. Many analyst feels that since his change in image is appreciated by all over India and people are taking him seriously as a national leader he might well pull few strings and may become the next PM of India. With the congress not gaining much in the grasrrot level and the BJP still finding for some great leader it is likely that without these major parties gaining much He might capitalise and may become too strong by next general election. time will only tell whether he will become the PM of India but his records as railway Minsiter is definitely helping him to gain support from literate mass.

Sonia Vs BJP on Vande Mataram


Our National song Vande Mataram which created so much controversy has still not put to rest. It started with the HRD minister asking all the schools to chant the song on 7th september as a mark of respect after 100 years of its creation. But this did not go well with some muslim leaders and the safron parties like BJP took advantage of the situation to make a issue as they did not have any proper issue to raise. The BJP came out in open and declared anyone who does not sing is antinational and not patriotic hence does not have right to live in this country. But this issue really got the milleage when the BJP raised the issue that neither Sonia Gandhi nor PM Manmohan Singh sang the song they were not present in the function organised by the AICC. The BJP and the other safron party wanted to make this main polittical issue in the coming election. Congress was finding really hard to give a proper explanation and though of losing some ground.

But as usual Sonia Gandhi again gave the the opposition something to think about by visiting a partially completed Bharat Mata temple and also made a brief halt at Bachhrawan to pay homeage to Munshi Chandrika Prasan a local freedom fighter. By doing this she has proved that she is no different from any other Indian and respects the country and is a true patriot. The congress party was really happy the local leaders are really boosted by her action. They feel they gave a proper reply to the Safron parties like BJP and Shive Sena who wanted to make political mileage. What is your view on this do we think these leaders are patriots or they act like any movie star to get our votes?

Is the Govt. right in expelling MPs on Cash-for-Query?

The Govt. has finally taken a decision to expel 11 MPs who were caught on camera taking or excepting cash to raise question in Parliament. This came to public when one of the news channel showed this video footage. Now many are opposing the Govt. move of expelling these leaders. My simple question to these leaders and parties who are against the expulsion to explain the public like me why they shouldn’t be expelled. We elect leaders to represent us and raise our concern in the Parliament so that the Govt can solve our problem. But if these same leaders take money to raise certain question for some individuals or organisations benefit than these leaders have no right to sit in the Parliament. They do not represent us and we the citizens of India would have no faith on these leaders. I totally agree with the Govt that if we can bar someone for obstructing Parliament’s business than they should be also barred or restricted from entering Parliament as they would not be representing the real mass they are there to represent few people or organisation. What is your view on this topic?

Sexiest Actress in Bollywood – Your Choice




Who do you think is the most glamorous, sexy, intelligent and suave of all actresses in Bollywood, Tollywood or Kollywood? Send in your choices so that the most rated actress can be revealed as the Queen of Hearts!

Malegaon tragedy crowd blame CM

Malegaon a very sensitive area as far as religious riots are concerned. Last week a serial blast in this muslim dominated area has taken the entire country in state of shock and tragedy. Many kids lost their parents and now these orphans do not know what will happen with their future. The investigation is on to findout what could be the motive and who would be behind this tragedy. till now no one has taken the responsibilty. Some blame ISI and Pakistan for this tragedy, the muslims in Gujrat have taken out huge rally protesting and shouting slogans against Musharaf and pakistan. Some might speculate if Bajrang Dal is behind this tragedy. But who ever has done this are really coward as they have no rights to kill so many poor innocent people, they have made so many kids orphans. Many kids have been also killed what could be their mistake in all these politics and religion.

But the worst thing we forget is there is no proper hospital to cure this victims. Last time Mr  Deshmukh (CM of Maharastra) had promised that he will build a 200 bed modern hospital but till now nothing has happened. The crowd took the advantage of the situation that Sonia Gandhi who is believed to be saviour of the poor is present and whatever they say might be taken seriously. They openly pointed out at the CM that he hasn’t done anything for them and his promise about the hospital is a big lie. Mr CM you have been elected by the people to give them the best not to take away even basic needs. Can you please give us our basic rights we are not asking comforts we are asking basic needs of any human being and moreover we pay tax for that. Please do something for us orelse the same people who can give you power can take away whenever needed. Please wake up and atleast do your duties as a CM of a respectable state.