Dhoom2 – Dhoom Machade ya Doom?


Hritik Roshan will be the next villian in the Dhoom sequel Dhoom2 who will be replacing John Abraham who was very successful with his stint in the earlier version. With his chisled looks and suave personality we hope that Hritik’s performance as a stylish thief on roller blades swooshing and swinging from one street to another escaping cops and men on cool motor bikes will be an entertaining watch. Pairing with Aishwarya Rai, it doesn’t get any bigger and to join the party, we have Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu who are set to blaze the cinema screens on fire! Lets hope that the “special effects” used in the sequel are not overdone and fingers crossed, the stunts of Hritik & Co. are kept as realistic as possible for the viewers.


3 Responses to “Dhoom2 – Dhoom Machade ya Doom?”

  1. Nashiha Says:

    HEY!!! i’m from america nd U guys r awsome..okay haha bye

  2. husna Says:

    hey!!!!! please do not replace john abraham with Hritik Roshan.

  3. nadiya Says:

    hey!!!! i want to ask rohit if he do consert in germany in mannheim?
    i like you so much i want to see you in real
    but i cant because you are far far away from germany

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