Study trip for MLAs and MLCs what a joke?

When the entire country is crying for relief due to the devastating floods. Every state is crying for help from the centre and other NGO’s for help but some MLAs and MLCs from Maharastra have planned to go abroad for a study tour. This is really the sorry state of Indian politics in one hand we do not have any money to support the poor farmers of Vidharba who are comiting suicide due to heavy debts. The worst thing is all these leaders are from various parties and they think that it is right to go on this study tour. The state of Maharastra is in debts of more than Rs 100 000 crores so could not help the farmers and thus had to depend on centre for financial support but could find funds for this study tour to Europe. The shocking thing is these leaders who never agree on any topic of public interest always agree unanimously on topics like their salary hike or any other facilities for them or their family. The study tour to Europe for 80 MLAs and MLCs will cost the tax payer a lot of money but is it worth to spend such a huge ammount of our tax money on such a trip. The last study tour of 1997 was absolutely useless and this was said by none other than former chief secretary J B Dsouza as per his words the trip was “horrible waste of public money”. What is your view about the study trip? Will we the citizens of India gain anything from these trips? 


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