Do students really respect their teachers?


Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan former President of India and a well known scholar was born on 5th September 1888. Modern India celebrates his Birthday as Teacher’s Day to honour him as a great teacher and scholar. I still remember as a kid getting excited on Teacher’s Day and celebrate this great day in school with our loving teachers. But as time passed by I have noticing that this is becoming a routine event nowadays students think it is another halfday and they do not understand the importance of the day. We should all try our best to help the students of today to understand the importance of the day and the contribution of our teachers on our day to day life.

Specially after the recent incidence in Ujjain it is not very clear whether we should celebrate this day anymore. When students kills their own professor just for some student union politics shows that we do not respect our teachers anymore. Most of the religion considers teachers to be more important than our own parents. The logic is our parents does everything for us and our future and this could have a selfish interest but from a teacher’s prospective they take care of us without any selfish motive they truly are great people and can be considered as God.

May I request all the students of today to please understand the value of teachers on our life and pay due respect for their selfless contribution to us and our society.


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