Is Pakistan safe heaven for criminals and terrorists?

India has been highlighting to the entire World that her neighbour Pakistan is a breeding ground for criminals and terrorists. Most of the terrorist attacks in India is been carried out from Pakistan or Pakistan sponsored terrorist groups. But no one even bothered to pay attention rather America always argued it to be freedom struggle for Kashmir. But now after the 9/11 episode America is keen to fight terrorists and the main man behind this attack Bin Laden. Till now US and the western forces are not able to find Bin Laden and everyone knows that he is hiding in Pakistan but they cannot force Pakistan to capture Bin laden. Due to US pressure pakistan without much choice went for millatry operation in North Waziristan but after many humilating defeats in the hands of Taliban the Pakistan army has finally agreed for a cease fire. The pakistan army has assured the taliban that they are not going to attack them as long as taliban lives there peacefully.

This clearly means that Bin laden can live in Pakistan freely and peacefully and will not be arrested as long as he or his Taliban does not do any disturbance in pakistan. What a crazy thing when the entire World is trying to fight against terrorism the Govt of pakistan is protecting terrorists. US should now answer to the entire World is Bin Laden’s attack of 9/11 a freedom struggle against US or is he a terrorist and if he is aterrorist how can pakistan protect him. Dawood Ibrahim noted criminal and the main man behind the Mumbai blast is staying in pakistan freely and it is no secret to the entire World. India has been trying to get him to punish him as per the Indian law but is been protected by Pakistan. Can someone ask the West are they afraid of taking action against Pakistan becuase of its nuclear power if so than please allow India to solve this problem in her way.


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