Vandemataram – Politically motivated stunt!


Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay must be twisting and turing in heaven seeing the dirty games being played by politicians in context to his famous creation. In the era when this poem was written, there were no inhibitions no second thoughts no doubts in the minds of Indian public as a whole and be it a hindu or muslim or sikh or christian, this poem became the symbol of unity, oneness and brotherhood amongst the countrymen. However, today, the politicians again have managed to give birth to this controversy proving one’s patriotism by singing the poem. There is a mixed message comming across through the whole issue and we need to understand that to sing this poem, first we need to think in the lines of the originator of this poem. We need to start believing that were are one and we need to take concrete steps to prove that we are not just partiotic in the verbal sense but in true sense of the word. We need to eradicate all such politically spiced motives and tell the parties of India that leave common man alone and solve their issues internally without creating unnecessary hype. Do you agree my fellow countrymen?


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