Malegaon tragedy crowd blame CM

Malegaon a very sensitive area as far as religious riots are concerned. Last week a serial blast in this muslim dominated area has taken the entire country in state of shock and tragedy. Many kids lost their parents and now these orphans do not know what will happen with their future. The investigation is on to findout what could be the motive and who would be behind this tragedy. till now no one has taken the responsibilty. Some blame ISI and Pakistan for this tragedy, the muslims in Gujrat have taken out huge rally protesting and shouting slogans against Musharaf and pakistan. Some might speculate if Bajrang Dal is behind this tragedy. But who ever has done this are really coward as they have no rights to kill so many poor innocent people, they have made so many kids orphans. Many kids have been also killed what could be their mistake in all these politics and religion.

But the worst thing we forget is there is no proper hospital to cure this victims. Last time Mr  Deshmukh (CM of Maharastra) had promised that he will build a 200 bed modern hospital but till now nothing has happened. The crowd took the advantage of the situation that Sonia Gandhi who is believed to be saviour of the poor is present and whatever they say might be taken seriously. They openly pointed out at the CM that he hasn’t done anything for them and his promise about the hospital is a big lie. Mr CM you have been elected by the people to give them the best not to take away even basic needs. Can you please give us our basic rights we are not asking comforts we are asking basic needs of any human being and moreover we pay tax for that. Please do something for us orelse the same people who can give you power can take away whenever needed. Please wake up and atleast do your duties as a CM of a respectable state.


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