Sexiest Actress in Bollywood – Your Choice




Who do you think is the most glamorous, sexy, intelligent and suave of all actresses in Bollywood, Tollywood or Kollywood? Send in your choices so that the most rated actress can be revealed as the Queen of Hearts!


7 Responses to “Sexiest Actress in Bollywood – Your Choice”

  1. Dinkar deo Sharma Says:

    I suggest the sexiest and the hottest Indian actress is Pooja Bedi. Her sexfull lips and legs. Makes you fell that u keep on licking them all over again and again. But still nobody find too much charm in her. But she is my bathroom fantasy every time I go I used her every time in my mind to use my hands. Gr8 body with enticing pussy make my cock goes up and up till he top of Mount Everest. No more words I am going to the bathroom…..

  2. Avidesh Says:

    Rani Mukherjee

  3. Niraj Says:

    rani mukharji

  4. Niraj Kabaria Says:

    I Think Rani & Kajol

  5. madhuri dixit and juhi chawla Says:

    i think madhuri dixit and juhi chawla r still hot.

  6. sachin patil Says:

    madhuri dixit is still a babe

  7. srk fan Says:

    the sexiest women in bollywood would be kajol,rani,preety and amrita rao.i think is the sexiest women and they all do a good job in their movies and come in a lot of different way in their movie too.

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