Is the Govt. right in expelling MPs on Cash-for-Query?
The Govt. has finally taken a decision to expel 11 MPs who were caught on camera taking or excepting cash to raise question in Parliament. This came to public when one of the news channel showed this video footage. Now many are opposing the Govt. move of expelling these leaders. My simple question to these leaders and parties who are against the expulsion to explain the public like me why they shouldn’t be expelled. We elect leaders to represent us and raise our concern in the Parliament so that the Govt can solve our problem. But if these same leaders take money to raise certain question for some individuals or organisations benefit than these leaders have no right to sit in the Parliament. They do not represent us and we the citizens of India would have no faith on these leaders. I totally agree with the Govt that if we can bar someone for obstructing Parliament’s business than they should be also barred or restricted from entering Parliament as they would not be representing the real mass they are there to represent few people or organisation. What is your view on this topic?


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