Sonia Vs BJP on Vande Mataram

Our National song Vande Mataram which created so much controversy has still not put to rest. It started with the HRD minister asking all the schools to chant the song on 7th september as a mark of respect after 100 years of its creation. But this did not go well with some muslim leaders and the safron parties like BJP took advantage of the situation to make a issue as they did not have any proper issue to raise. The BJP came out in open and declared anyone who does not sing is antinational and not patriotic hence does not have right to live in this country. But this issue really got the milleage when the BJP raised the issue that neither Sonia Gandhi nor PM Manmohan Singh sang the song they were not present in the function organised by the AICC. The BJP and the other safron party wanted to make this main polittical issue in the coming election. Congress was finding really hard to give a proper explanation and though of losing some ground.

But as usual Sonia Gandhi again gave the the opposition something to think about by visiting a partially completed Bharat Mata temple and also made a brief halt at Bachhrawan to pay homeage to Munshi Chandrika Prasan a local freedom fighter. By doing this she has proved that she is no different from any other Indian and respects the country and is a true patriot. The congress party was really happy the local leaders are really boosted by her action. They feel they gave a proper reply to the Safron parties like BJP and Shive Sena who wanted to make political mileage. What is your view on this do we think these leaders are patriots or they act like any movie star to get our votes?


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