Is Lalu the New face of Indian Politics?


Lalu Yaday the former CM of BIhar and the present railway minsister of India is again in the media for something we are not very familiar. This time he is praised by many of his critics and been hailed by most intellectuals for his profit oriented plans for Indian railways. The Railways which was undergoing severe loss in 2001 has now been changed to a profit making organisation this is been studied closely by many institutions like IIM and universities across the World. Even the Harvard University is plannins a seminar in Delhi to hear Lalu’s view on management and economy.

the most surprising thing is Lalu who is well known in India for his scams and corruption has really managed to stop most of the corruptions in Railways and have made it transparent and people can see the difference. His famous line is if we do not milk a cow she will be sick. Same logic he has used to indian railways and it has proved to be a successful theory. Many analyst feels that since his change in image is appreciated by all over India and people are taking him seriously as a national leader he might well pull few strings and may become the next PM of India. With the congress not gaining much in the grasrrot level and the BJP still finding for some great leader it is likely that without these major parties gaining much He might capitalise and may become too strong by next general election. time will only tell whether he will become the PM of India but his records as railway Minsiter is definitely helping him to gain support from literate mass.


11 Responses to “Is Lalu the New face of Indian Politics?”

  1. Beau Peep Says:

    Laloo’s so called railway turnaround is half a myth. This is why.

    Besides, there is no point in glorifying someone for doing what he is meant to do. We know as things stand in India, politicians hardly work. So, if someone is doing 70 percent of what he should do attracts accolades. This is disgraceful.

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