Will Fernandes join Mulayam or start his party SP?

https://i1.wp.com/www.dailytimes.com.pk/images/2003/10/10/10_10_2003_George-Fernandes.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.newkerala.net/april/images/nitish-kumar-1.jpg

The ever growing conflict between current Bihar chief minister Nitish kumar and George Fernandes has taken a new low after Fernandes said to the reporter that he did not care if BJP sharad Yadav or Nitish Kumar did not like him joining Mulayam. He said that BJP would definitely not like the idea of him being close to Mulayam but He said that he does not care aabout anyone or any party and would stand by Mulayam who stood by him during Tehlka controversy. He said they have stood by each other for fourty years and they are true socialists. He even did not deny that he might join SJP he even said that he might relaunch is Samata Party. He clearly was not happy of the fact that the man who he brought into politics and after three year of real fight to defeat Lalu Nitish has forgotten him and has helped Sharad Yadav to win the party president post. He is really annoyed of him being sidelined and now wants to prove a point. He even did not bother to leave the conveyer post of NDA. But will his departure make any difference to JD (U) or BJP. Is he a spent force?


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