Who is the real CM father or Son?

It is becoming very popular for the children of minsters and politicians to create havoc in public they have been using the power given to their parents or relatives. They think they are the minister and abuse the system. Karnataka CM’s son H K Nikhil Gowda who is a college drop out and at the age of 19 drives a Hummer. His grandfather the former CM and PM of  India who proclaims to be a humble farmer will find it hard to declare how they have so much money for their grand children. Nikhil and two of his friends went to a hotel in  Bangalore at 3.30 in the night and asked for food they were fully drunk and after the staff refused to serve food Nikhil threatened that he is the CM’s son and will make sure that the hotel will be destroyed and his friends started throwing stuff. The hotel staff resisted and in the tussle they were injured. The police though have registered FIR from both the party but did not bother to arrest CM’s son or his friends. The CM himself tried to get rid of media by saying it is childish misdemeanour. Can the CM tell us if someone else would have done the same with his staff or family would he say the same thing and forgive the culprit. What is your view on the entire episode?


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