Who is the real Don? SRK or Amitabh?


The new Don is suave, stylish and cool..He has that SRK effect that works magic on screen. SRK makes Don seem like James Bond but in a negative role. However, does he match with the charisma, personality and penache that Amitabh used to exude in the original Don? Do you think SRK has done enough to match the dashing persona of Don of the 1978? Do share your views with us.


34 Responses to “Who is the real Don? SRK or Amitabh?”

  1. Keyur Kotak Says:

    Amitabh Bachchan is real ‘Don’ while Shahrukh Khan is only ‘Duplicate’ and personalityless weak don. Amitabh is King Bhoj and Shahrukh is Gangu Taili. Please don’t compare between Gold(Amitabh) and Bronze(Shahrukh). Shahrikh is temporary while Amitabh is eternal.

    • Sayandeep Says:

      SRK is the best.Any comparison between SRK & Amitabh in the movie Don just makes me laugh.

      • Harish Says:

        r u nuts? amitabh is thespian and srk a mere entertainer.Thats the difference.

      • Rohit Jain Says:

        Comparing shahrukh to Amitabh is like comparing candle to a Sun. He should be compared with Arjun Rampal , Ajay Devgan , Anil Kapoor , Sanjay Dutt , Vivek oberoi etc etc.

      • bollyfan Says:

        hey sayandeep SRK is the Worst.sharukh the real don nice joke

  2. Sachin Says:

    Shahrukh is trying to be Amitabh Bachchan.. but he has not personality, acting, voice and Karishma like Amitabh…

    Shahrukh is one of good actor but Amitabh Bachchan is only super star in Indian film Industry now..

  3. rahul Says:

    Amitabh was the don in 1978.. and if SRK would have been there in 1978 then still Amitabh would have overshadowed SRK.. but today SRK is the most suited DON…

  4. anjum Says:

    omg i fnk it srk derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr people omg plezz luk @ ma web site plezzzz fnks mwahhh

  5. vaibhav Says:

    srk is real donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn
    does everbody get it .oh my god what a movie to watch & was has his best in it

    • Farhan Says:

      In new Don, hero is Don, but in the old one, the hero is Vijay and Don is only a supporting character who dies within the first hour of the film. Sharukh is more worried about his screen image thats y they changed the story and added an additional twist that DON is alive !!! They changed the story for SRK and the change was very Pathetic

    • bollyfan Says:

      just watch don 1978 one then u’ll get know OK

  6. srk fan Says:

    i think that he cant be Big B becasue thats big B but srk did a great job he is not like Big B which no one could be but srk did things his way and thats what you want you don’t to see him doing the same thing as Big B thats why i like the movie.

  7. Balaji Says:

    I think DON, the Amitabh Bachchan Starrer was an excellent movie, but frankly not even imaginably a comparison to DON, the SRK starrer, everything about this movie is amazing. If one has to closely look at the two movies, the old one is good not brilliant.
    THe new one has scuh amazinf finish compared to the old one. THe climax of the old one is almost a comedy show, with almost all of the characters jumping (flying literally) around with a pathetic background score.
    Honestly, i believe that SRK has got style putting to shame AB, a tall man with deep voice.

  8. ADE DON Says:


  9. tejas Says:

    srk is the great actor of indian film indersti

  10. Veer Singh Rana Says:

    Kahan Raja Bhoj (Amitabh Don)
    Kahan Gangu Telli (Shahrukh Don)

  11. Veer Singh Rana Says:

    Shahrukh in Don like a Comedian after Amitabh’s

  12. don? Says:

    srk is a better actor than amithab. look at it since srk came to bollywood he was won more awards eg filfare awards more than amiothab. i have watched don over and over again(srk one) and i think it is a brilliant film. the old was pretty goos aswell. theres gonna be another don film comin out 2010 wid srk and don again and this time it will be even better.

  13. Mr.Game Says:

    SRK is the rated DON.
    Amithab done a good job,but SRK is the greatest actor now in India, he is a legend.
    Just look at the perfomance how brilliantly he handled both charactors.
    The dialogues,style of walking,the real SRK touch with that signature devi lough……………….
    Words are not enough to describe him coz he is the one and only SRK.

    • Harish Says:

      srk a hype nothing else. He is the product of electronic media.If u wanna know who is amitabh ask ur dad who was he and is one man industry without being any media support way back in 80s.let him come to amitabh age and then u will know what amitabh means.

  14. Saber Says:

    Srk is the real don in the film industry amitabh also good but shahrukh is 1 and only best actor in the world.

  15. hwoarang Says:

    srk chaar foot ka don HAHAHAHAH ,, chota don

  16. ketan Says:

    srk is a real don.

  17. Farhan Says:

    in Sharukh’s Don, the central character is Don and story revolves around his cheap gimmicks , while in Amitabh’s Don, central character is Vijay, an innocent village guy. Amitabh portrays the role of Vijay far far far better than SRK. I dont think SRK is a good actor. Amitabh won 3 National awards and who cares about filmfare awards and private awards ? I am a south Indian (belongs to Kerala), even our serial actors are far far better than SRK, but we still admires and respects the great Amitabh Bachan. I think Amitabh, Nasaruddin Shah, Anupam Kher are best actors bollywood ever produced, not Sharukh and Salman.

  18. sarang Says:

    in my opinion…,,
    both bachan and srk are DONs in different ages…in 1978 with out the use of any technical visual creation, amit done the role DON well.and in 2006,
    efx,vfx etc.., made the actionable sequences nice.

  19. kaliya Says:

    srk have style in film don, he showed that don is don stylish and smart ,he proved he is don and amitabh bhachan doesn’t that is the deterrent

  20. sdfvbngfd Says:

    Hands down Amitabh Bacchan wins, and Don 1978. Look at the man and look at him in the movie, his style cannot compare to srgay. In Don 2006, it seemed like Shahrukh was trying too hard to overshadow Big B. Don 1978 is just amazing, no words, the acting in that movie was just so natural and don’t forget the music. It had better music, the whole pure 70s vibe with the organ music in the backgroud. Amazing. Fk Don 2006 and SRK. I hate when assholes take classic films and then remake them, especially with chutiya actors who have too much money up their ass along with their head.

  21. Kuldip Says:

    Amitabh is a great actor and a very good man, gracious and moral never saying or thinking that he is the best and Shah Rukh is great actor but arrogant,and always thinking and claiming that he is the best. You be the judge who is better Don.

  22. smanoj Says:

    srk is the best actor in bollywood industry the king of bw the king of romance I love u srk

  23. smanoj Says:

    srk the real don

  24. Abhinav Gharat Says:

    SRK and Big B are two diff actors and hav diff comfort zones. SRK is best in Romance and Big B is best in Action movies. So, they should not be compared as both are great actors. But, having said that, to me Big B has proved himself most versatile actor in the industry. Love you Big B Sir…

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