Are NRIs doing enough for Motherland?

For any country to have their citizens abroad means influx of foriegn currency thus a good econmy for the citizens of the country. India is one of the country with a vast population abroad and these people are making good money and name for themselves. But are these NRIs doing enough for the motherland the country which gave them the basic needs like food cloth shelter and the most important thing is education because of which they have found a job abroad. India is growing fast and is fighting really hard to become a develpoed country but could not progress fast without the help of these NRIs. I would like all the NRIs to help Mother India to grow and to help each of their fellow citizens to have a better life. They have earned a lot and now it is their turn to give something back to the country, city village or society which had given them so much love. Our NRIs are undoubtedly doing their bit to help the country in her growth but we would like them to do something for the poor and most importantly in the villages which does not get the real money send my these NRIs. Most of the development work is done in cities and major towns to attract foriegn investment and thus it gets more and more developed and the villages are left deserted and undeveloped. I know India is growing people are getting richer and having a better life but to be honest this development is not uniform infact some of the poor people have become more poor. Any Govt can do certain thing and  especially in India where the politicians are so corrupt cannot expect miracles from them. Thus would request all our NRIs to invest more in villages the villagers need help not charity give them job oppurtunity and that way you are really helping. We Indians are famous for hard work and we still believe in that but with NRIs help we can put some smart thinking to do better job and prosper with our efforts. I would request all our readers to spread this concern to all concerned citizens and do as much they can for a beautiful India.  Jai Hind


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