Does God belong to Upper Caste?


It was really very sad to hear that some upper caste people do not allow Dalits to entre temple for Darshan. I feel really ashamed to say that it happened in my state Orissa. The Dalits were so annoyed that one fine day they foricbly entered the temple. Now we see that the upper caste people have done some special puja to purify the temple and have again restricted for any further entry of Dalits. The Govt has not done much to solve this issue becuase of political dificulties no political party want to solve this problem. I am a brahmin by birth but I would not have any problme if I am with a Dalit in the temple for darshan. God created human being and we created caste and religion everyone wants to be close to God to thank him for creating us and giving us such a beautiful world. But the same people fight among themselves to reach God in the name of religion and caste. I really do not believe anyone has right to stop another person from praying the Almighty God.  Lord Jagarnath God of the World always believed everyone was equal He infact liked poor and needy his main desciple was even muslim so if God do not have any objection who are we to bar anyone to enter the temple.

The Dalits are now so disgusted with the Govt and politicians that they are planning to embrace another religion like Buddhism. Now I call all the Hindu and Hindu fundamentalist to give a justified reason as why they should not leave Hinduism when they are not allowed to pray like proper Hindus. Does God belong to upper caste only?


One Response to “Does God belong to Upper Caste?”

  1. saroj sobhan Says:

    yes it is really sad to say that our beloved god belongs to the upper caste people.
    i think it is a brain child of the econohungry citizen.who only want to make there our god so private and make there god a stuff of monopoly….some steps should be taken for this dirty mentality.

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