Is Mamta right to go on strike against TATA?


Finally Mamta Banerjee broke her fast after she recieved a letter from President and PM requesting her to break her fast and they will try to solve this issue asap. But I would like to know from our readers whether they are in favour of the strike or would consider this strike as yet another political stunt. The worst thing to note is the CPI and CPM who are supporting TATA for this project are the same people who opposed TATA to instal a steel plant in Orissa’s Ganjam district. I think all this support and opposing of big projects are down to political parties to reap benefit for themselves and their party.

I really do not believe that they are in any way concerned for the people of the State. They only see their own benefit if they recioeve their cut to the share than they keep quiet and see positives in a project and if not they just oppose it to make sure that no one gets any benefit. We the people of India are taken for a ride earlier the Mughals than the BRitish and now these white collar politicians.

I wish Mamta recovers soon and show us the real reason for her strike and if that is correct we are with her. Everyone wants the country to develop and grow as much as it can but at the same time we cannot stamp on someone’s throat to grow. We want the poor farmers to get their real worth for their land and proper job. We would request  TATA to take care that the local people and do development work in and around that area and set an example for their major companies who wants to do similar type of projects. I would request all the viewers to share their views on a sua a serious topic.


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