Is Bihar Govt. going MNC route?


Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has given his nod for 5 days working for all Govt. offices in Bihar. Instead of working from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm they will now work from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6.00pm. This is a great idea and if it really works than we will see a new dimension of all Govt offices. I think it will work provided the Govt. servants really take positives out of it and work really hard to achieve CM’s goal.

The Govt has also planned to reduce the CL as the number of days they are working is also reduced there by the Govt. can get more work from their employees. In paper it is a brillian idea and everyone should work for its success. This system has worked really well for all MNC and software companies in India. These companies are nowadays the back bone of oue ever growing economy so lets hope the Govt firms also help to make India more strong and successful.

The only thing which worries me is Bihar is considered to be a state with very poor literacy rate and yet two of their leaders Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar have come out with ideas which is really admirable. I really want all the States in India to think in similar way and develop their own states so that ultimately it will make India a very sucessful and developed country in the World. After Lalu Yadav revamped the Indian Railways it is now Nitish who is trying to revamp the backward state of Bihar and bring back her past glory. Best of luck to Nitish and the people of Bihar.


One Response to “Is Bihar Govt. going MNC route?”

  1. Ramjee Gope Says:

    And why should the author be worried if Bihar’s leaders come out of two admirable ideas even though it is a state with low literacy? Does it militate against his notion of Bihar as the pits of everything or he is worried Bihar would overtake other states?

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