Why Brand Lalu so popular with NRIs?

Lalu yadav could not attend three day Pravasi celebrations in New Delhi as he had to go to Assam where the ULFA militants have gun down 57 Biharis working as labourer.
This was a much more important thing in his diary than the celebrations and moreover he hadn’t confirmed his availability. But whatever the situation the NRIs as well as students and professors from top institues in India. Most of the NRIS who have come from places like USA, France Britain wanted to see him and hear him speak about the challenges he faced with Indian Railways and how he changed this to profit making company. We would like to know from our readers why the brand Lalu so famous and is it good or bad for the country. To help you’ss some of the views of the NRIs are as follows :

B Bhuta, who has come all the way from USA, the absence of the former Bihar CM was much felt: “I was looking forward to hearing the Railways Minister speak. I am quite disappointed that he couldn’t make it,”

Menicka Guness from Mauritius, echoing Bhuta’s sentiment, said she too was keen on hearing the minister speak. She particularly wanted to hear him share some interesting insights on the Railways turnaround story.

A K Dey, who has travelled from France, said he was eager to know how the husband-wife power duo in the form of Lalu-Rabri managed to keep a balance at home.


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