Guru – Rags to Richies..Worth watching? You decide!


Abhishek Bachchan starring Mani Ratnam’s Guru is releasing all over India today.  In a small village of Idhar in Gujarat, a young man dreams of making it big one day. His father a headmaster of the village school tells him that dreams never come true. But this young lad did dream. As he grew up, so did his dreams. He loved Idar. It was quiet, peaceful, lazy and green. But he knew that his destiny was beyond this village…Set in the picturesque beauty of the 1958, Bombay, this young man comes to the city of fortune with only two shirts, a wife, a brother-in-law and Rs.15,000 to start a business.

But all doors were shut for a newcomer. Indian business and trade were run by a handful of the rich and the privileged. Only they were given the licenses. They had the quotas and they controlled all government trade.

It was an exclusive club where it was impossible for an ordinary middle class newcomer to enter, let alone succeed.

He had to kick the doors open or cajole them to open. He did both and would not take no for an answer. And that’s because he never knew the word ‘no’.

Despite all barriers, he started his own company called Shakti Trading in a 350 sq feet room, with one telephone, one table and three chairs.

Forty years on, Shakti Corporation became the first Indian company to enter the Forbes top 500 list. People asked him how this happened and he said think big, think ahead and think fast.

Another thought-provoking film from the master of Indian cinema, Mani Ratnam.

Guru is a movie in which a poor villager goes from rags to riches due to his sheer determination and personal drive, despite being faced with many business barriers.

Releasing by Adlabs in the UK cinemas, this meaningful film is said to release in 2007.

It sees the much talked about Bollywood couple, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in stella roles.


One Response to “Guru – Rags to Richies..Worth watching? You decide!”

  1. Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural Says:

    Is that second picture of Abhishek Bachchan? He is so cute!

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