Shilpa Shetty – Fake Personality inside the house.


Shilpa has some face bleach on


Shilpa Shetty has been criticised as being too “fake” in the Big Brother house by her housemates..Jade who is a former Big Brother contestant had a heated arguement with Shilpa today regarding her fake personality inside the house…Shilpa came up with an answer to this saying that she was just playing the game within the rules and there was a life outside the house as well! Do our readers agree that Shilpa is doing the right thing by playing a game inside the Big Brother house or do you think she should be more honest and real while dealing with her house mates inside the house??


13 Responses to “Shilpa Shetty – Fake Personality inside the house.”

  1. cal Says:

    Shilpa is not being genuine.

    At first I was very concerned that Shilpa was being isolated. But now I see it differently. Shilpa is a right bossy boots, a control freak, and is such a seductress. She tries to “seduce” everyone around her with the eye-lid batting and the fake smiles. The beahviour of others in the house toward her has nothing to do with race, it’s all to do with people smelling a fake.

    Of course it also has a lot to do with “class” behaviour.

    But right now it is so funny, Shilpa has surrounded herself with the men, except for one, and is now actually isolating herself. Personally I think it is all for effect. Any publicity while she is in the house is good publicity for her.

    And as one person has already observed, I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. She is the human equivalent of a “black-widow spider”, and a class snob.

    But it is so funny to watch.

  2. Jason Says:

    They r not bein racist, evry1 is getin all worked up but evry yr there is a fite in Big bro so ys this 1 ne different i do think shilpa is acting and i think jade is a much nicer person!!!

  3. dee Says:

    May I say that DO NOT judge! I am sure that if you were in Shilpas’ shoes you would not be putting STUPID comments. Jade Goody has no respect for anyone and her vocals are rubbish!!! she is isolating herself because the girls are jealous of her! no one can reach her standards! shut your mouths!! rubbish jealous people!!!

  4. shilpamilpa tilpa Says:

    get over yourselves bigbrother was so fukin last year
    and also i find it funny how the whole world made jade feel like shit when she was a bitch to shilpa… she fully cried… and the goct was in on it too.. and like a million other people
    was that funny to watch CAL?


  5. allie Says:

    they are all just jealous of her and that fat, ugly B**ch especially!! get a life!

  6. M Says:


  7. M Says:


  8. POLICE Says:

    I would just like to say that all the people that have voiced there opinions need also remember that they are also acting in way a racist would, by criticising the other person and using an abusive manner! I would also like to add that there were no formal racist complaints persued and all allegation’s were dropped. Express your opinions freely without causing hurt or upse to others.

  9. lj Says:

    I believe that celebrity big brother 2007 was portrayed purposely to cause a mass media attention, albeit not quite the attention they got! It has been plain from all previous big brother contestants how much is edited and re-edited to get viewers engrossed in the show! If they are going to put people in that do not necessarily mean much to the public, or are not eccentric or exciting enough how else other than to cause controversy amongst housemates are the producers going to bring in the viewers? Just look at the comments made on here, you may not have agreed with who was right or wrong but channel 4 got millions of pounds thanks to your continuous watching, so did the celebrities involved, especially Ms Shetty & Ms Goody. So who has lost out here? Who really got hurt? Has it really affected there lives? You see no-one has lost out, they have all made money so be it by selling stories, tv interviews or new filming deals. Everyone has got on with there lives regardless of how difficult it may have been at first. So why is everyone else beating themselves up about this when the actual people involved aren’t that bothered by this???

  10. sarah Says:

    i think that this was a two way street. shilpa was acting, you can’t deny it however it was not over the top. but i think that jade just took it a little too far and well even though no one really got hurt and it was fun to read about people in india burning efeges of jade and BB producers every one got a healthy pay check out of it. SO IF YOU THINK THAT IT IS RACIST DON’T WATCH IT BOYCOT IT!!!

  11. bob Says:

    i agree with sarah if you don’t like it then boycot it, it’s as simple as that.

  12. noor Says:

    first i shilpa nice girl and i love her fuck you all and kis my ass

  13. reehaana Says:

    never seen any of those pics but shilpa luks really great in them, best of all the ones in dat serail………………….thankzzzzzzzzz for the post dear!!!!!!!!!!

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