Racism in Big Brother House.

Shilpa laughing

Shilpa grooms her hair

Jo and Shilpa relax after escaping nomination 

Shilpa Shetty is being “bullied” by her fellow housemates – Danielle, Jo and Jade inside the Big Brother house as told by Ian in the diary room last night. Apparantely, it all started at the lunch hour when the housemates were discussing how long they should be cooking the chicken for and all agreed upon 2 hours time. However, Shilpa believed 2 hours to cook chicken was far too long and kept checking the oven every two minutes. This irritated Danielle, Jo and Jade who clearly didn’t approve of Shilpa regarding her opinion on the cooking time for chicken. That’s where they started bitching about her and it became even worse when the chicken finally was taken to the dining table in an uncooked state – thanks to Shilpa!! However, Danielle started passing controversial statements not just about Shilpa but Indians in general saying “I think in India people eat with their hands…don’t know if its India or China”. Apparantely, the TV Offcom regulators have recieved nearly 200 complaint emails regarding Shilpa being bullied without any reason in the house.


10 Responses to “Racism in Big Brother House.”

  1. AYESHA Says:


  2. Mel Says:

    I Fukin Love Jo And Danielle, Jades Earining My Respect By Going To India To Make Amends 🙂

  3. christina Says:

    i fink that dem 2 ugly cows r sooo out of order to that indian chik. sooo dnt try boyin the indians you rasict scum.

  4. tia Says:

    yeh man dnt try getin rude 2 dat pretty chick u waste of space dirty gals out der such as dat sore jade and that ugly stupid gal daniell

  5. indian chick Says:

    im indian yeh soo dnt try boyin the indians

  6. law babe Says:

    i love jo but when she is with jade it’s like jade boss her aroundxxxx

  7. anti-racist_attacker Says:

    F*ck these racists, they dont deserve to be alive. Look at what happened to Jade.

  8. hateracism_stop racism Says:

    i really dont think wat happened with shilpa shetty was good…i was a fan of jo….bt afta the big brothers i started hating her….shilpa finally won d game and i think dat was a very good slap on their face..

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