Are you with Shilpa? Vote for her

Shilpa Shetty and jade are going head to head for eviction on Friday. I would like all our readers to show their support by voting her to keep her in house. She has fought really well against the Trio of Jade, Jo and Danille in the house. She was put to too much of bullying and racial abuse but she has done really well to maintain her dignity. She has shown to everyone around the world how the Indian Culture is good and how well our youths behave with others than most of the developed countries. Shilpa she truly represent our nation and she has made us proud. I would like to request all our viewers to express their concern and we will take up with Channel 4. Please give all your support to Shilpa who is really fighting against a formidble force of some uncultured girls. 


2 Responses to “Are you with Shilpa? Vote for her”

  1. Ketu Patel Says:

    What ever happened with shilpa…. It was not good…….Take action against them………….

  2. Priya Says:

    She deserves better and people don’t know her so it’s not fair for them to judge her. Personally I love her and the way she acts. She’s wonderful.

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