The Mairrage of Bollywood Abhi weds Ash

Everyone is glued to the news of Abhi and Ash getting mairrage. There is a big hype that this would be the biggest ceremony in Bollywood. People really want to see how Big B would arrange the wedding function of his son. Abhi who is now the heart throb of most of girls is finally tying the knot to the most beautiful girl of the world the former miss world Ash. But going by Ash’s past it does not look like she is the perfect match for Abhi but the way she has carried herself for past few months after it was openly discussed about the relationship is commendable. This is the quality you would expect from a Bachan family member. She looks very relieved and down to earth and very matured in her speach to media. She only talks that much as it would be good for everyone. I am a fan of Karishma Kapoor and do not like Ash that much but I still think if anyone can fit Bachan’s family it would be Ash than Karishma.

It is for good that Abhi and Karishma did not marry. I think their would have been ego clash. Anyway everything happens for a reason and lets hope that there is some good reason why Abhi and Ash are getting together. Everyone is glued to the tele to findout what is happening as the countdown has started for their wedding. We would wish them all the luch and best wishes for a happy and wedded life.


2 Responses to “The Mairrage of Bollywood Abhi weds Ash”

  1. Bollywood Movies Says:

    THis marriage is a big event and naturally people are crazy about it. However, the media is giving too much importance.

  2. Rajasekhar Says:

    It was great watching them on channels. Its once in a life time ceremony and naturally people are interested. If you donot like you are always welcome to switch the channels. The most elegible bactchlor and the most elegible girl in India are getting married. Naturally its news to be watched.

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