Who should be axed from Team India?

It would be like adding salt to injury when I mention that India may not make it to super eights. The reason I still say might bcos there is minor or tiny chance that India could squeeze in if and only if Bangladesh loses to Bermuda. But this is like hoping our Zonal team defeating Team Australia. Now let me ask our dejected fans what would they like to do so that Indian cricket team would retain her past glory. What should the team management do should the captain be axed or the coach should be shown the exit door. Now there are some senior player who just play becuase of ther past records why shouldn’t those players to be booted out. We really do not know how to react to these people who still think they did not do any thing wrong. Our coach Mr Chappel does not even feel that He is answerable to the media or people of India as he is employed by the BCCI and would not even bother to give any explanation for their loses.

We the fans are also responsible for this lose as we make our players bigger than normal humanbeings and expect miracles like God. We like to see them as our super heroes and thus cannot expect any failures. The only way I think we can atleast try to make it right is by not blindly following these play


One Response to “Who should be axed from Team India?”

  1. khan Says:

    i think whole indian team should be axed and new bachas(kids)should be given place.

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