What is your views on Shilpa and Richard Gere’s Kissing in public?

There is a big controversy about Shilpa and Richard’s kissing in public. I really do not know what our viewers though about this but I am really very sadened by this controversy. I am not a big fan of Shilpa or Richard but I do not see anything wrong. Infact we would have seen much more worse sins in movies now I really do not know if people think that it is alright to see hindi movies where kissing scenes and bad scenes are shown and we do see with our family. I find that is not acceptable rather than this one where Richard’s intention wasn’t bad as it looked like a genuine way to say big thanks to Shilpa for all the praises. Anyway what ever is the real thing but our so called hindu fundamentalist political outfit who think they are saviours of the society have no right to disrupt or create havoc in public. They do not come forward when a poor is ill treated or misbehaved. They only want political mileage and for that they can go to any extreme.

I would like to ask the same political outfit where were they when Periera drove his car over so many poor labourers and now he is not even punished for his crime. This is a real joke of the law and order of our country and if these outfits wants to save the society they should do something in situations like this. Infact they can only stop people celerating Valentine day or some other event which most of us are not bothered.  We would like to know out viewers thought about this whole episode of Shilpa and Richard’s kissing in public.


5 Responses to “What is your views on Shilpa and Richard Gere’s Kissing in public?”

  1. samuel Says:

    i suppose there was and is a cultural awareness which Bollywood and Hollywood has to follow… but the arrest warrant seems petty.
    and i agree… the larger more urgent problems are where we should be placing our work and efforts.
    rather, the hindu fundamentalists and their compatriots in the USA should help out with the poor and starving and destitute in the world, not fuss with public morals.

    do you think Mr. Gere will come back to face the court?

  2. sam Says:

    after seeing see the vidoe at liveleak I had to change my opinion. It looked at youtube much worser.

    Hope Mr. Gere will face the courte. They will not send him to prison. He to pay some money and will be banned for a couple of years.

  3. Ishfan Says:

    While the whole world was mourning for the lives of the innocent victims of the Virginia Tech massacre, a very funny gathering of some illiterate Hindu fundamentalists who call themselves shiv sainiks was trying to gain some media attention in India. Miss Shipla Shetty, looks like she just can’t get away with controversies. As if the British and Indian media had not written enough about her recent controversy related to a reality TV show ” Big Brother” in Britain, when Mr. Richard Gere the great super star of Hollywood and I am talking superstar multi millionaire of Hollywood, not any Rajnikant of Mollywood, tried to peck her on her CHEEEK. There were fireworks in the pants of the Shiv Sainiks. Probably the Shiv Sainiks didn’t get enough media coverage this year’s Valentine’s Day. By the way for people who are not aware of the valentine day thing, well long story short, Shiv Sainiks do this TANDAV ” Dance of Gods” on the 14th of February every year to stop people from loving each other, yes that’s right you heard me and yeeah I agree…Bull shit..Anyway back to our current controversy. Richard Gere happens to be in India for a noble cause of AIDS and in a rally happens to give a kiss or rather what I have seen is a little PECK on Shipla Shetty’s cheek and BOOOOM…Shiv Sainiks got a chance to brush their skills again which they are quite good at and don’t need any practice, but they had to and they did, disrupting traffic, burning effigies, stoning media offices that showed the video. Please dear Indians and dear fellow citizens grow up and please stop making fool of Indians all over the world. The whole world is laughing at us. I bet 99% of the people who were protesting end up in the dance bar or a brothel paying Rs 50 to a dance girl to sit on their laps and they complain about Indian culture. By the way for people to know, this is what the person who has filed the case against the stars has to say “It is all indecency and nudity which our society cannot tolerate”. Please someone tell him what nudity means. Please don’t make a fool of our great nation. All TV channels in US and elsewhere are laughing at this incident. When will we learn and when will our Shiv Sainiks learn that besides spending time in burning effigies and breaking media offices and killing people, who want to just love each other in this world full of hate and violence, they can rather spend this time and energy is constructing the great nation of INDIA. A similar controversy had gripped the nation many years ago when poor old Nelson Mandela had kissed Shabana Azmi, and all Muslim fundamentalists were crying out loud for the head of that peaceful guy. Well if you are wondering why I had to mention that, well common I don’t want be called a Hindu hating guy and end up in a controversy, this was just a balancing act, which by the way makes a point of its own, basically it’s not a problem about Shiv Sainiks or any other Hindu fundamentalist organization or for that matter the Muslim fundamentalists in India, it’s the problem with the mindset of certain people in India who unfortunately control the mind sets of the rest of the billion population of India. People of India, it’s time to stand up and listen to your own voice and chose between what is right and what is wrong and not just follow what your selfish and greedy leaders have to say. May the Dream of Great Indian Nation live forever.

  4. Preeyanca Agnihotri Says:

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