Will India win the World Cup?


India the champions of 1983 are still waiting to win another one and hopefully this will be the cup and year when we can win our second World Cup. We really wish and hope that the team does well and make us proud in the world. Kapil’s men won us the world cup when they were not expected to win and since than we have come so close yet so far to win another for another two decades. Dravid has a great team and all the stats and figure will show we are one of the favourites to win the cup this time. But what I really do not understand we Indians take this game so seriously that we put undue pressure on the team. One thing which I do not like is the unnecessary things we do like performing yagnas and puja in church, masjid and temples. I would rather like those enthusiastic youths to do some real social work and does some charity work for the poor and needy. They should help each other and make sure India shows to the other World that her citizens are real human beings who love and care about other fellow citizens.

I would really like to wish India to win the cup but with the start they have against Bangladesh it does not look good. Let’s not lose hope and think that it was a minor bleep and we will learn from our mistake and get our acts together. The team should make a serious effort and regroup themselves so that they can win the rest of their matches. We are still with the team and would be with them through thick and thin and wish them all the success.

Come on India show the entire world how good you are and why we are so proud of you’ll. 


Is there any Humans left in Pakistani Army?


Events of Kargil war is still alive with most of Indians who still cannot forgive Pakistan for their act of cowardism. But events like this makes us more determined to hate them more than before. I would like to request all our readers to express their views whether Indian or not. If you are a Human being and would like to be treated as one please express your solidarity and views so that we can show the Pakistani Govt to take action against the guilty of this cruel event.

Lt. Saurabh Kalia of 4 JAT Regiment of the Indian Army laid down his life at the young age of 22 for the nation while guarding the frontiers at Kargil.His parents, indeed the Indian Army and nation itself, lost a dedicated, honest and brave son.He was the first officer to detect and inform about Pakistani intrusion. Pakistan captured him and his patrol party of 5 brave   men alive on May 15, 1999 from the Indian side of LOC. They were kept in captivity for three weeks and subjected to unprecedented  brutal torture, evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999. The Pakistanis indulged in dastardly acts of inflicting burns on these Indian officers with cigarettes, piercing their ears with hot rods, removing their eyes before puncturing them and breaking most of the bones and teeth. They even chopped off various limbs and private organs of the Indian soldiers besides inflicting unimaginable physical and mental torture.

After 22 days of torture, the brave soldiers were ultimately shot dead. A detailed post-mortem report is with the Indian Army. Pakistan dared to humiliate India this way flouting all international norms.They proved the extent to which they can degrade humanity. However,the Indian soldiers did not break while undergoing all this unimaginable barbarism,which speaks volumes  of their patriotism,grit, determination, tenacity and valour-something all of India should be  proud of.Sacrificing oneself for the nation is an honour every soldier would be proud of, but no parent, army or nation can accept what happened to these brave sons of India. I am afraid every parent may think twice to send their child in the armed forces if we all fall short of our duty  in safeguarding the PRISONERS OF WAR AND LET THEM MEET THE FATE OF LT.SAURABH KALIA.
It may also send a demoralising signal to the army personnel fighting for the Nation that our POWs in Pak cannot be taken care of. It is a matter of shame and disgust that most of
Indian Human Rights Organisations by and large, showed apathy in this matter. 

Through this humble submission, may I appeal to all the civilized people irrespective of colour, caste, region, religion and political lineage to stir their conscience and rise to take this as a NATIONAL ISSUE !!! International Human Rights Organizations must be approached to expose and pressure Pakistan to identify, book and punish all those who perpetrated this heinous crime to our men in uniform. If Pakistan is allowed to go unpunished in this case, we can only imagine the consequences. Below is the list of 5 other soldiers who preferred to die for the country rather than open their mouths in front of enemy –  

1. Sep. Arjun Ram s/o Sh. Chokka Ram; Village & PO
Gudi. Teh. & Dist.
Nagaur, (Rajasthan)

2. Sep. Bhanwar Lal Bagaria h/o Smt. Santosh Devi;
Village Sivelara;Teh.&
Dist.Sikar (Rajasthan)
3. Sep. Bhikaram h/o Smt. Bhawri Devi; Village
Patasar; Teh.  
Pachpatva;Distt.Barmer (Rajasthan)

4. Sep. Moola Ram h/o Smt. Rameshwari Devi; Village
Katori; Teh. Jayal;Dist.

5. Sep. Naresh Singh h/o Smt. Kalpana Devi; Village
Chhoti Tallam;
Teh.Iglab; Dist.Aligarh (UP)

Please express your view by giving your name and also ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Lets us give a supporting hand to the family of all the soldiers who would have gone through a similar situation.

JAI HIND ….Victory to India  !! 

BJP who do you support RSS or Narendra Modi?


With growing rift between RSS and Narendra Modi BJP is finding it hard to say who they are supporting. RSS has been sidelined by Modi in Gujrat and there has been numerous instances where we can see the rift. The relief work for gujrat floods were not given to RSS cadre to distribute rather Swadhyay Parivar activists were entrusted by Modi. During the recent Rath Yatra in Bhavnagar, the district administration was instructed by top men in Gandhinagar not to allow the procession to take place with the weapons of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. Among those who sat in protest against the government move were well-known RSS supporters Haribhai Kordaliya, former BJP OBC cell chairman, and ex-state BJP chief Rajendrasinh Rana. The yatra could proceed only after they sat on dharna for four hours.

RSS on its part did not bother to call narendra Modi though the meeting was held in Gujrat they just send the invite on post and did not bother to hand over personaly to CM as per the normal norms. Modi did not attend this meeting and now to show his strength he suspended Nithin Bhatt a senior BJP leader and a close aide of RSS. Modi and RSS both are tryiung their ways to show who is the real messiah for the hidus and hindutva ideology. But the confusion is whom the BJP as a party support Modi or RSS?

Surat floods could it have been avoided?


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi decided to set up a one-member panel to investigate circumstances that led to last week’s heavy floods in Surat. Experts alleged that the disaster could have been avoided if the water had been released in advance in a phased manner. Sugnaben Bhatt, a retired Gujarat High Court chief justice, will lead the probe and she will be assisted by R.D. Soni, a retired official of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. Everyone is blaming the Govt and local adminstration for the floods in Surat. But no one is really trying to findout ways to help the people of Surat. If we do not clean the city it might end up with another plague like situation. We need to help the people to rehabiltate and help them to get back to their normal day to day life. I know the politicians are baking their bread and trying to take advantage of the situtation the disidents are trying to reap from this failure of the Govt. Let me request all the people across Indian and abroad to help the people of Surat. And would also request the people of Surat to be united and stand tall like the people of Mumbai and try to get out of this trauma. I would agree that the Govt hasn’t done enough but lets us help the local adminstration and NGO’s to clean the city and bring back normalcy in Surat.

Why Blame Narendra Modi for Surat Floods?

Narendra Modi the CM of Gujrat has never been my favourite CM and neither I like his policies. But I really di not like to see his own BJP members criticise him for the distribution of relief work in Surat. I can agree that the CM is responsible for most of the descisions but is it practicaly possible for him to monitor every thing. He may not have been a good CM to control law and order and have not been fair on minorities but in this case He would never think of not doing enough for the flood affected people in Gujrat. So let us ask the same people who are raising this point that the CM hasn’t done enough can they tell why they are still in the same party and what they have done from their side to make sure that the relief work is carried out smoothly. Please let the people deal with their problem in their own way. Please politicians do not bake your bread on our fire and get political mileage from our problem. If you cannot solve our issue do not drag it for your own political gain. Can I request Narendra Modi to help the people of Surat irrespective of their sex, caste and religion. I would request all Gujrati Bhais all over the world to help the people of Surat who are affected by this flood.

What Narayanan Had Actually said To Vajpayee?

atal_bajpayee.jpgIt is not clear what happened between former President K R Narayanan and Vajpayee on the Gujrat communal riots. The nanavati commision wanted to get the files and facts on this from the PMO office but twice it was rejected. It is speculated that Narayanan had made certain critical observations on the Narendra Modi Government and the BJP-led NDA Ministry for alleged ineffective handling of the riots.  Despite the Nanavati Commission twice requesting the PMO to furnish the information the latter refused to do so on the ground that the correspondence was “highly confidential” and “senstive” and hence enjoyed immunity under the Official Secrets Act.  Even as the stalemate between the Commission and the PMO remained unresolved, an aggrieved citizen has recently filed an application before the CIC seeking a direction to the PMO to divulge the said correspondence under the newly legislated Right To Information Act (RTI). “Since the matter involved a citizen’s right to information and at the same time a Government’s right to withhold certain sensitive correspondence between two Constitutional authorities, it was decided to constitute a full Bench to adjudicate the matter,”. The five-member Bench of the CIC is expected to deliberate over the petition by the end of the week before issuing a notice to the PMO seeking its reply on the dispute. We have the rights to know why we should not know the real conversation between the two leaders. What really went on during the Gujrat riots did Vajpayee govt do enough to stop the riot or could have done anything better.

Early Election In Gujrat A Possibility

After the two-day meeting of the party's executive committee at Kevadia Colony it looks like the senior leaders like Narendra Modi and Om Mathur has asked their cadres to get prepared for assembly elections. They have been asked to do everything possible and leave no stones unturned so that they can win the election. But insiders say that the growing discomfort inside the party has forced Modi to take this descision. BLP wants to use the feel good factor after sweeping victory in Municipal and Panchayat elections. The owrrying part for BJP is that almost all the dissident leaders did not attend such a important meeting. The state was supposed to go for polls in December 2007 but BJP wants to take advantage of the situation and call for a early poll.

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