Will India win the World Cup?


India the champions of 1983 are still waiting to win another one and hopefully this will be the cup and year when we can win our second World Cup. We really wish and hope that the team does well and make us proud in the world. Kapil’s men won us the world cup when they were not expected to win and since than we have come so close yet so far to win another for another two decades. Dravid has a great team and all the stats and figure will show we are one of the favourites to win the cup this time. But what I really do not understand we Indians take this game so seriously that we put undue pressure on the team. One thing which I do not like is the unnecessary things we do like performing yagnas and puja in church, masjid and temples. I would rather like those enthusiastic youths to do some real social work and does some charity work for the poor and needy. They should help each other and make sure India shows to the other World that her citizens are real human beings who love and care about other fellow citizens.

I would really like to wish India to win the cup but with the start they have against Bangladesh it does not look good. Let’s not lose hope and think that it was a minor bleep and we will learn from our mistake and get our acts together. The team should make a serious effort and regroup themselves so that they can win the rest of their matches. We are still with the team and would be with them through thick and thin and wish them all the success.

Come on India show the entire world how good you are and why we are so proud of you’ll. 


Is there any Humans left in Pakistani Army?


Events of Kargil war is still alive with most of Indians who still cannot forgive Pakistan for their act of cowardism. But events like this makes us more determined to hate them more than before. I would like to request all our readers to express their views whether Indian or not. If you are a Human being and would like to be treated as one please express your solidarity and views so that we can show the Pakistani Govt to take action against the guilty of this cruel event.

Lt. Saurabh Kalia of 4 JAT Regiment of the Indian Army laid down his life at the young age of 22 for the nation while guarding the frontiers at Kargil.His parents, indeed the Indian Army and nation itself, lost a dedicated, honest and brave son.He was the first officer to detect and inform about Pakistani intrusion. Pakistan captured him and his patrol party of 5 brave   men alive on May 15, 1999 from the Indian side of LOC. They were kept in captivity for three weeks and subjected to unprecedented  brutal torture, evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999. The Pakistanis indulged in dastardly acts of inflicting burns on these Indian officers with cigarettes, piercing their ears with hot rods, removing their eyes before puncturing them and breaking most of the bones and teeth. They even chopped off various limbs and private organs of the Indian soldiers besides inflicting unimaginable physical and mental torture.

After 22 days of torture, the brave soldiers were ultimately shot dead. A detailed post-mortem report is with the Indian Army. Pakistan dared to humiliate India this way flouting all international norms.They proved the extent to which they can degrade humanity. However,the Indian soldiers did not break while undergoing all this unimaginable barbarism,which speaks volumes  of their patriotism,grit, determination, tenacity and valour-something all of India should be  proud of.Sacrificing oneself for the nation is an honour every soldier would be proud of, but no parent, army or nation can accept what happened to these brave sons of India. I am afraid every parent may think twice to send their child in the armed forces if we all fall short of our duty  in safeguarding the PRISONERS OF WAR AND LET THEM MEET THE FATE OF LT.SAURABH KALIA.
It may also send a demoralising signal to the army personnel fighting for the Nation that our POWs in Pak cannot be taken care of. It is a matter of shame and disgust that most of
Indian Human Rights Organisations by and large, showed apathy in this matter. 

Through this humble submission, may I appeal to all the civilized people irrespective of colour, caste, region, religion and political lineage to stir their conscience and rise to take this as a NATIONAL ISSUE !!! International Human Rights Organizations must be approached to expose and pressure Pakistan to identify, book and punish all those who perpetrated this heinous crime to our men in uniform. If Pakistan is allowed to go unpunished in this case, we can only imagine the consequences. Below is the list of 5 other soldiers who preferred to die for the country rather than open their mouths in front of enemy –  

1. Sep. Arjun Ram s/o Sh. Chokka Ram; Village & PO
Gudi. Teh. & Dist.
Nagaur, (Rajasthan)

2. Sep. Bhanwar Lal Bagaria h/o Smt. Santosh Devi;
Village Sivelara;Teh.&
Dist.Sikar (Rajasthan)
3. Sep. Bhikaram h/o Smt. Bhawri Devi; Village
Patasar; Teh.  
Pachpatva;Distt.Barmer (Rajasthan)

4. Sep. Moola Ram h/o Smt. Rameshwari Devi; Village
Katori; Teh. Jayal;Dist.

5. Sep. Naresh Singh h/o Smt. Kalpana Devi; Village
Chhoti Tallam;
Teh.Iglab; Dist.Aligarh (UP)

Please express your view by giving your name and also ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Lets us give a supporting hand to the family of all the soldiers who would have gone through a similar situation.

JAI HIND ….Victory to India  !! 

Malegaon tragedy crowd blame CM

Malegaon a very sensitive area as far as religious riots are concerned. Last week a serial blast in this muslim dominated area has taken the entire country in state of shock and tragedy. Many kids lost their parents and now these orphans do not know what will happen with their future. The investigation is on to findout what could be the motive and who would be behind this tragedy. till now no one has taken the responsibilty. Some blame ISI and Pakistan for this tragedy, the muslims in Gujrat have taken out huge rally protesting and shouting slogans against Musharaf and pakistan. Some might speculate if Bajrang Dal is behind this tragedy. But who ever has done this are really coward as they have no rights to kill so many poor innocent people, they have made so many kids orphans. Many kids have been also killed what could be their mistake in all these politics and religion.

But the worst thing we forget is there is no proper hospital to cure this victims. Last time Mr  Deshmukh (CM of Maharastra) had promised that he will build a 200 bed modern hospital but till now nothing has happened. The crowd took the advantage of the situation that Sonia Gandhi who is believed to be saviour of the poor is present and whatever they say might be taken seriously. They openly pointed out at the CM that he hasn’t done anything for them and his promise about the hospital is a big lie. Mr CM you have been elected by the people to give them the best not to take away even basic needs. Can you please give us our basic rights we are not asking comforts we are asking basic needs of any human being and moreover we pay tax for that. Please do something for us orelse the same people who can give you power can take away whenever needed. Please wake up and atleast do your duties as a CM of a respectable state.

Study trip for MLAs and MLCs what a joke?

When the entire country is crying for relief due to the devastating floods. Every state is crying for help from the centre and other NGO’s for help but some MLAs and MLCs from Maharastra have planned to go abroad for a study tour. This is really the sorry state of Indian politics in one hand we do not have any money to support the poor farmers of Vidharba who are comiting suicide due to heavy debts. The worst thing is all these leaders are from various parties and they think that it is right to go on this study tour. The state of Maharastra is in debts of more than Rs 100 000 crores so could not help the farmers and thus had to depend on centre for financial support but could find funds for this study tour to Europe. The shocking thing is these leaders who never agree on any topic of public interest always agree unanimously on topics like their salary hike or any other facilities for them or their family. The study tour to Europe for 80 MLAs and MLCs will cost the tax payer a lot of money but is it worth to spend such a huge ammount of our tax money on such a trip. The last study tour of 1997 was absolutely useless and this was said by none other than former chief secretary J B Dsouza as per his words the trip was “horrible waste of public money”. What is your view about the study trip? Will we the citizens of India gain anything from these trips? 

Salty sea becomes sweet for Mumbaikars

Yet another incedence happened in Mumbai, yesterday some people noticed that the sea water near Mahim was tasteing sweet instead of salty. The news passed quick by word of mouth and everyone rushed to the beach to taste and get some for their family at home. The place where people noticed this was behind the Durgah of Makdoom Shah at Mahim beach. this raised religious sentiments and many muslims rushed to the spot to taste the water and was believed that it was a miracle of Baba. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) officials have rushed to the spot to collect samples of water and have appealed to people not to drink the sweet water. The initial tests have suggested that due to low level of chloride in water it made the water taste sweet. But it has warned the people not to taste this water neither give their family as this water is not pure and safe to consume it has high quantity of nitrates, industrial waste and other plastic waste. Due to floods already the water is not pure and even the municipality water needs to be warmed before consuming so this water from the sea is totally impure. But this warning from the municipal corporation and even the CM has fallen on to deaf ears and people still queue to taste this water. Today morning the water has already changed from sweet to salty but still people from far of place come to visit this beach. We would request all our readers to pass this info to everyone that not to get carried away with religious sentiments and believe science please do not drink this water, it may not show the adverse effect now but it might show you in future.

Was Mumbai Blast targeted on Gujratis as a revenge against Gujrat riots?

Gujarat appears to loom large over the Mumbai blasts. That’s apparently why terrorists targeted only the Western Railway tracks and that too only first-class coaches. Sources said the aim apparently was to hit moneyed Gujaratis, many of whom stay in suburbs of Vile Parle, Kandivli, Malad and Borivli along the Western Railway and travel first class.
The Lashkar-e-Taiba, intelligence reports suggest, has recruited local youths saying that they should take revenge for the atrocities heaped on the minority community in Gujarat where the Narendra Modi government is heavily funded by the rich Gujarati businessmen of Mumbai.

It is not for nothing that Modi is coming here early next week to meet community leaders. A former activist of the Students’ Movement of India (SIMI) said that since LeT is not able to find recruits in Gujarat, it has brainwashed former activists of SIMI and new recruits in Maharashtra. “Funds are available for the asking for LeT not only from Pakistan, but also from Wahabi fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” the ex-activist stated.

What is your view on Mumbai serial Blast?

Almost 200 people were killed in the seven blasts on Mumbai’s local trains on Tuesday. Some say it was targeted against the middle class Gujrati’s who stay in the Western Suburbs. It is believed that blasts were retaliation for Gujarat riots. What is your view?